Our Team

Mark Russell

CEO, Director & Founder, Pipeline2space and Hypersciences

Mark has a Masters from Stanford in Aero/Astro, is the former lead engineer for Blue Origin first VTOL vehicle and was Lead of Crew Capsule development at Blue Origin.. Mark led spacecraft separation at Boeing Sea Launch and was loads and dynamics lead at both Kistler Aerospace and at Intel. Along with 2 decades of spaceflight development, Mark has a long history of family underground mining development and operations for some of the world’s largest mines. Recently sponsored by Shell to develop the worlds fastest and deepest geothermal drilling technology he is now pointing the same ram accelerator aerospace technology to launch small spacecraft to lofted trajectories for single stage orbital insertion. Mark provides both the vision and technical expertise to lead the world’s first company focused on hypervelocity applications.

Tim Elder

Lead Ram Propulsion Engineer and Dynamics.

Tim has a Masters from University of Washington in Aero/Astro and has spent the last five years focused exclusively on design, construction, and testing of three separate ram accelerators from 0.5-inch to 4-inch diameter. Tim is responsible for the complex hydro-elastic modeling that couples structural and gas dynamics with impact modeling for optimization of ram accelerator performance.

Chuck Russell

Director & Vice President Business Development, Spokane

Chuck was one of the first investors in the commercialization of the RAMAC technology and is also a HyperSciences Director. His past experience has involved exploration, development , permitting and sales of mineral projects in Asia. Chuck is responsible for managing HyperSciences remote testing facility and installation and controls of the RAMAC instrumentation.